In this class you will learn the basics of Architectural drawings. This is to include basic house designs framing, room sizes etc.... A great part of this class will be spent on the computer using Autodesk Revit, which is a drafting program used on the computer. The first several weeks of the class will be spent learning the program Autodesk Revit, and learning house styles and how houses are put together. You will then demonstrate your skills learned by creating set of plans for a garage with an efficiency apartment on top, to include a two-point perspective of the garage. This drawing will be completed without the use of step by step directions from Autodesk. During this time you will discover plot and site plans, building setbacks for a given plot of land and how to correctly place a building on a site. Finally you will learn how about foundation Plans wall and ceiling construction and how to properly create Elevation drawings by completing this garage assignment and the final house design. Your final project (test) will be designing, and creating a set of plans of your future dream house on the computer using Autodesk Revit Architecture drafting program. You will need to have all floor plans, elevations, and detail drawings turned in by the end of the class in order to pass the class. If time allows in the semester you will make a scale model of your dream house out of card stock.