Building upon Art Foundations: Students will build upon foundations from 6th grade art in drawing, painting, sculpture,  ceramics and animation with additional materials and resources.  New studio centers include iPhoneography, printmaking, Altered Books and vector based animation. Continued exploration of themes and ideas in art is continued.  The significance and impact of 20th century art including Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and art since Pop Art will be considered.  Skills in critical viewing and analysis will be developed through participation in Critical Response interactive critiques using VoiceThread.  Continued support for developing the student voice through creating and reflecting upon their own artwork and the work of others. Final assessment in Art is based on a Voicethread portfolio of work with artist statements describing artistic growth and intent. along with  Artwork analysis via VoiceThread.


Formative Assessment (1%): Exploratory exercises and products related to opening centers.  Students will be advised as the the nature of assessment with each exercise. 

Summative Assessment: (99%): Written responses to learning as posted on Edmodo,--ie. what is art?; Process and growth in art challenge, Critical Response to Artworks (2), summative studio projects(2), Final Voicethread portfolio. 

Computer Applications/Academic Planning